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Pleated vs. Woven Fiberglas Filters

What is the difference between a pleated filter and a woven fiberglass filter? First, there is the visual difference that you notice, the woven fiberglass
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What you need to know about high efficiency cooling

Everybody is aware that some cooling systems will produce the same amount of cooling as that of other systems but at a lower energy cost;
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Know Your Dehumidifier

Many people in the Oswego, IL. area use dehumidifiers in their homes even though they use central air conditioning systems. High humidity conditions coupled with
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How Do I Set My Aprilaire Humidistat

Aprilaire humidifiers can preserve many of the wood products in your Oswego, IL. home during the dry winter months. However, if not set properly, they
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Does My Humidifier Need Yearly Service

Like all mechanical equipment, your humidifier should be serviced at least one time per year and that time is now. As the temperatures go lower,
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Smelly Drains?

Their irritating and embarrassing.  Here’s a few pointers. The well-designed and correctly installed plumbing system is odorless. Odors are most likely to arise from leaks
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What Factors Can Affect My Airflow

Your furnace fan is rated to provide a given volume of air measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm) based on the resistance in the
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First Aid for Sick Sinks

Leaky faucet, slow drain or clogged sink? Here a few do-it-yourself pointers.
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Should I get my furnace serviced before the start of heating season?

In short, the answer is yes. Your furnace works approximately 2500 hours each year to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home The blower works
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Do you know where these important plumbing points are in your home?

Just knowing the location of your water shut offs can turn an emergency call into a routine service call.  We can help you with any
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